God’s Arms

Psalm 10:14

The writer of today’s psalm looks all around at his world and sees nothing but wicked, evil people. Not only that, these people are so proud that they think that nothing will ever happen to them because of what they do. They’re like the people from Assyria that we heard about on Monday.  They had forgotten about God and God’s call to justice, peace and love.

Look what happens!  You might think that after making this long list of bad things going on, the writer would get very discouraged.  Just the opposite happens!  He is so outraged by his list that it makes it all the more true that God is going to get in there and do something.  God will protect the orphans and the widow—two groups who were taken advantage of by others, because they were weak with no one to help them.

God’s at work helping people who are put down.  But remember: God needs you to be the arms of love and support.  Remember, tools don’t work by themselves.  We are tools in God’s hands.  Let’s let God use us!

Psalm 10:1-14

Wednesdays are devoted to the reading of the Psalms,
one a week across the three-year cycle.

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