Far From Being a World that Loves

 Don’t mistreat or oppress an immigrant, because you were once immigrants in the land of Egypt.  Don’t treat any widow or orphan badly.  
If you do treat them badly and they cry out to me, you can be sure that I’ll hear their cry.
Exodus 22 21-23

The chapters around these verses are hard to read…because so much has changed. We now know that slavery is just plain wrong.  It took a few thousand years to get the message that slavery is an evil.  God takes us—and took our ancestors—where we are at.  God does the best that God can with us, and slowly teaches us new ways of discovering what is right and wrong, what is loving and what is not. But even with slavery officially over, racism still swirls around like a bunch of buzzards, look for some “road-kill” to pounce upon; somebody or some group to put down because they are different than us.

Thank God for Jesus!  With him we really get going into the law of love, which makes all the other things we need to do fall right into place.  Yet with racism and concern for individual nations’ interests, we are still very far away from being a world that loves.

How are you and your family about loving…I mean everybody?

Exodus 22:21-23

The Saturday passages follow the reading list that Jewish people use in their synagogue worship throughout the world. They are taken from
“The Torah,” the first five books of the Bible from Genesis to Deuteronomy that are read each year beginning with autumn.

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