“Yadah – Yeah!”

This brief chapter is a very happy conclusion to the first part of the prophet Isaiah. The word for “praise” in verse 4, the Hebrew, Yadah, is a shout of praise.   Shout out the sound, “Yadah.” It sounds like “Yeah!”  

What the Hebrew word means is “To lift up the hands.” So your body is doing something as well as your mouth.  We shout like this when a favorite baseball player hits a home run, jumping out of our seats and lifting up our hands. 

Here is a way for your body to pray this psalm-like prayer of Isaiah. Begin with your head down, your hands clenched together in a fist, pressed against your chest.  Then slowly let your palms become open, raising your hands high in the air, imagining the Holy Spirit flowing out from you from way within to the world that longs for the love of God.  Our bodies want to get involved when we pray!

Isaiah 12

Mondays are dedicated to the reading of the Hebrew Prophets.

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