A Pilgrimage to God

There are some special psalms that God’s people used to sing as they made sacred journeys to Jerusalem at times of special celebrations.  These kinds of trips are called pilgrimages. There are fifteen of these psalms, from 120-134.  We’ll read the first five of these each Wednesday.  

Life itself is a journey home to God in heaven.  As we saw on Sunday and Monday of this week, so often we turn away from the journey and get lost.  So let’s pray these psalms in the name of the whole family of human beings, so that we will all be on one journey in the right direction—a pilgrimage to God.

Psalm 120

On Wednesdays we read one psalm each week, usually one after another.  In Lent we take some special psalms together—this year numbers 120 to 124. These are songs that the people sang while on special trips each year to the holy city of Jerusalem. 

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