Seeing Jesus in the Heart

Artist: Robert Hodgell 1960

Imagine what it would be like never to be able to see since birth, and then suddenly be given the gift of sight.  Feel that moment.  A whole new life is open to the person.  

Jesus gave sight to a man blind from birth.  But look what happens: instead of everyone rejoicing with the man, the religious leaders get furious with Jesus because he did this on Saturday—the Sabbath.  The story is like a play—read  it that way.  There are scenes in the story, just as happens in a school play.

The man was thrown out of the synagogue!  Instead of the gift that he could bring to a community because of his miracle, he was simply cast aside by the others.  So he comes alone to Jesus…and look what happens.

When we believe in Jesus, and see him with our hearts and want to serve him, we might not be too popular with others.  But isn’t it all worth it?

John 9:1–41

Sundays are dedicated to the Gospels from the Lectionary,
During most of Lent and Easter we read the Gospel of John.

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