Hunger for Souls

Let’s take a look once again at that great story of Jesus and the woman at the well.  It was the Sunday Gospel a week ago. It’s always a good idea to repeat passages in the Bible, especially ones that have much “food for thought” in them.  Don’t we do that we our favorite stories?  When we were little children, we enjoyed our favorite bedtime stories over and over.

Speaking of food for thought, Jesus has this very idea in mind when he responds with another meaning when his disciples come back and talk about his needing something to eat.  Jesus has a hunger for souls.  He loves us so much that he keeps finding out ways that we be nourished by his presence.

If you were sitting alone at a well with Jesus, what kinds of things would he talk with you about?

 John 4

Fridays are dedicated to the Gospels.
This year in the seasons of Lent and Easter we read selections from the Gospel of John. 

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