The Garden of Eden Once Again

Alexander Ivanov – Christ’s Appearance to Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection
Public Domain

After a whole day of rest—a Sabbath rest—for Jesus in the tomb, a new week is about to begin.  But it’s a totally new kind of week—not at all like any week before.  When Adam and Eve fell into sin, the work-week began; before that time, it was joy, peace and happiness in the Garden with God.

St. John paints the picture of the Resurrection of Jesus rejoicing to find in Jesus and Mary Magdalene figures of a New Adam and a New Eve.  Eve weeps beside the tomb of death, the result of our sin.  Jesus comes along and plays of a kind of “hide n’ seek” with her, pretending that he’s the gardener.  Follow the story very closely in your imagination.  We usually think of imagining as pretending something is real.  Actually, our imagination is one of God’s ways to bring us right up close to what is very real, but not for ordinary eyes and ears. 

So let’s get into the experience of joy for Mary as she changes so fast from a woman who is so very sad to one simply filled with joy.  These same gifts are waiting for you!

 John 20:1-18

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During most of Lent and Easter we read the Gospel of John.

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