Inside the Walls of Fear

Behind a locked door. Post ressurection, John 20:19-31, Jesus shows his hands to the disciples.

The Apostles scattered when Jesus was arrested.  They were afraid that they might be arrested also and suffer death just as Jesus did.  After a few days, that found each other and decided to lock themselves up—perhaps in the upper room where they shared the Last Supper.  “Block the doors! Put wood in the windows so we can’t be seen.  Let’s just stay here till trouble blows over!”

It was into this space of fear that Jesus quietly enters.  Walls, doors and fears cannot keep him out.  There he is, standing before his astonished disciples.  Judas, of course wasn’t there, because he hung himself.  One other disciple was absent too—Thomas.  You’ll read about what happened to him when he came back and heard the disciples say that Jesus was there. “I don’t believe you!” said Thomas. Well, let’s see what’s going to happen!

John 20:19-31

Sundays are dedicated to the Gospels from the Lectionary,
During most of Lent and Easter we read the Gospel of John.

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