An Inventory of the Soul

The name of this book of the Bible is from the Greek word for “numbers,” taken from the counting or inventory that God commanded Moses to make.  It was time to organize the vast gathering of God’s people. You needn’t read word for word; just skim the passage, in order to get a sense of the whole.

Some companies take inventory of their products every three or six months.  It’s important for them, not only to know what they have, but also, to be sure that any food or medicine are not too old.

Take an inventory of all the good things about yourself, and a list of those thoughts, feelings and behaviors that you would like to change.  You would be making an “Inventory of the Soul.”

Numbers 1

The Saturday passages follow the reading list that Jewish people use in their synagogue worship throughout the world. They are taken from
“The Torah,” the first five books of the Bible from Genesis to Deuteronomy that are read each year beginning with autumn.

These Firestarters are from a new edition of The Bible Through the Seasons being developed for families with children. For the Firestarters in the original edition, I recommend the ebook.  You will have the entire program of well over a thousand of these introductions with you on your phone or table! Check the menu options at the site for more information.