No More Suffering Alone

Return to the cross and hear the anguished cry of Jesus as he begins to pray this psalm.  The price of the outpoured Spirit was the blood and water from Jesus’ side.  

Your most desperate cry of suffering is nevermore a cry alone.  The Spirit of God weeps within you, groaning your prayer even before it enters your mind.  Verse after verse pours out the anguish of a God who experiences your pain, giving images and names to it.  The psalm recalls the pain of Job from Lent—this time prayed by the Son of God who draws your prayer to saving completion in the Holy Spirit.

In verse 21, there is a profound shift in awareness. God has in fact not forsaken David, Jesus, and you, but has answered.  Waves of confidence and joy rush into the soul as immense hope returns.  

Some themes in music must be exhausted, before others come.

On Wednesdays we read
the Psalms in numerical order.

Psalm 22

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