Soaked in the Spirit

We are immersed in the waters of the Spirit found in this letter of Paul to the church at Rome.  The time of the year of fullness finds us pondering the thought of Paul in all its maturity.  The letter is acclaimed to be the greatest exposition of Christian doctrine ever written.

The Roman Christians are waiting to meet Paul in person; you meet him as well.  Yet deeper than seeing his face, is knowing his heart.  The letter is filled with teachings about the Holy Spirit.  Before reading, pray that the same Spirit who inspired Paul will be with you now.

The mercy of God lasts longer than God’s justice, as expressed in Monday’s passage from Isaiah. The New Testament soaks the First Covenant in waters of the Spirit, transforming judgment into mercy. 

You will encounter verses that speak of the morality of homosexuality.  Bear in mind that Paul does not understand this apart from the context of his letter—total godlessness, with a litany of vices that flow from those who disdain God.

 Romans 1

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