The Fire of Healing Love

Imagine that you are walking down the mountain after Jesus shares his thoughts about how to live in God’s Kingdom of mercy and justice.  The Sermon on the Mount is over.  After hearing Jesus’ words, we now are going to see what Jesus is going to do.  

Waiting for Jesus at the bottom of the mountain is a leper, someone with a disease that makes one’s skin rot while still clinging to the person.  Lepers were totally rejected from society; Jewish law said that no one could come near them.  They had to shout out “Leper, Leper!” so that others would know to stay away from them.

Jesus breaks the law by doing the unthinkable: he touches him.  As sparks leap from one pole to another, so do the hands of Jesus ignite the fire of healing love in the leper. The fire of Jesus’ love is ready to ignite your heart.

 Matthew 8

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