A Psalm that Everyone Loves

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This favorite psalm of countless persons over the ages is yours today.  Millions know it by heart. If you want to memorize it, here are some ways to link the verses together.  

Be as the sheep in the first four verses.  Sense the shift from resting to being on a journey.  The word for comfort in verse 4 is nacham, making a sound just like the word itself—the deep sighs of those receiving comfort, as well as those giving it.

Verse 5 shifts to the image of an army arrayed for battle.  Victory is so assured by the Lord that the troops sit down to a banquet as the enemy looks on. There is the anointing for spiritual strength.  The sixth and last verse combines the image of movement with rest again.  Notice how right living causes goodness and mercy to run after David!

As you pray, you are dwelling in the house of the Lord today, looking forward to forever. 

Psalm 23

We read the Psalms in numerical order on Wednesdays

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