Finding Life by Letting Go

One time when I went to the circus, there was a man on a trapeze that had done what no one had ever done before.   He swung hanging by his knees, then let go and did a three and a half turn somersault.  He grabbed onto his brother who was hanging by his knees from another trapeze.  Then they both stood on the high platform with hands held high as the crowd cheered.

Not only did the spinning man need skill, he also needed to trust that his brother would be right there at the point when he let go.  Otherwise, down the spinning man would go, landing into the net like a trapped animal. Suppose the first brother was to frightened and would not let go?  All he could do would be to swing back and forth….not very exciting!   

Jesus said it this way: “Those who grab onto their own lives will lose them, and those who let go of  their lives because of me will find them.”

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