The Least Is the Greatest

It’s a smelly, dark, damp place where St. John the Baptist sits in prison.  Being all alone is a great punishment.  Maybe you had to go to your room as a consequence for doing something wrong; even then, it wasn’t likely for a very long time.

With St. John, it’s different.   Not only did he not do anything wrong, Jesus praises him as the best prophet ever.   He’s all alone. He begins to doubt whether Jesus is the one to set us all free.  After all, he’s still in this prison-dungeon; nothing seems to be done about that!  So along come some of John’s friends.  He asks them, “Is Jesus the one to save us, or do we look for someone else?”   Listen to what Jesus tells John’s friends to tell John.   It must have comforted him very much.

Jesus says that the littlest one in God’s Kingdom of love and peace is greater than the great St. John the Baptist.  That’s you and me!  All this is because the greatest of gifts was given to us: Jesus himself who died and rose for us. 

Matthew 11

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