Tingles of Joy and Peace

Here is an amazing story of what happened to the Korah family who rebelled against God’s plan for them.  They and others who were constantly complaining about the long desert journey, didn’t make it to the Promised Land.  One way or another, they died in the desert; no gravestones for their descendants to visit.

The Korah family were swallowed up by the earth for rebelling and being jealous.  However Jesus on the cross turned this curse around. St. Paul, quoting from Isaiah, puts it this way: “Death has been swallowed up by victory.”  1 Corinthians 15:54

The victory of Jesus brings about a constant stream of God’s grace that helps us do what God wants of us in life. However, what happens when you want something other than God’s plan for you? They’ll be a kind of burning feeling inside yourself; that’s anger, perhaps caused by being jealous just like the Korahs. If you are really doing what God wants of you, you will feel tingles of joy and peace inside.

Numbers 16:1-40

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