Hitting Bottom

Here’s an expression used to tell how a disaster in a person’s life can be what makes new possibilities happen. “You have to hit bottom.”   It’s like a basketball.  When it hits bottom, it bounces.  

The country of Egypt “hit bottom” in the sense that there came a time when the great Nile River had no fish in it.  The Egyptians, just like God’s people, came to believe in God when disaster struck.  The great stock market crash of 1929 brought about various ways that people responded.  Some jumped out of windows when they knew that they lost all their money; others found the Lord in a totally new way.  

  19:18 Isaiah prophesies a blessed new future for Egyptians.  They will come to know God and even to speak the language of the Hebrews.    Greater than the waters of the Nile will be the “waters” of the Torah that shall bring them life.

 Isaiah 19:1-23

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