First King of Israel

The sons of Samuel were very bad.  They had been appointed by Samuel, their father, to be judges over Israel.  Everything was confused due to Samuel’s evil sons.  The people felt like a ship that was lost at sea with no captain to really guide them.

The people wanted them to have a king just like other nations.  This was very upsetting to God, since  God’s plan was to have God alone be the king and ruler of God’s people.  God decided to give the people what they wanted. 

Samuel anoints Saul with oil, the first time in the Bible that this ritual is used.  The final verse of the reading is about how others became jealous of Saul.   When people are jealous, bad things begin to happen. It looks like things aren’t going to turn out OK for God’s people having a king!  

 1 Samuel 9-10

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