Psalms: A Sacred Braid

The writer of today’s psalm is like someone sewing.  As though his prayers were like stitches, he sews a list of needs that flow from his heart that is so close to God.  

This psalm is one of my favorites.  There is joy in every verse moving from the images of security and protection from the Lord.  The psalm will remind you of Psalm 23 as David experiences confidence in the presence of enemies, and the joy of dwelling in the house of the Lord.

In The Bible Through the Seasons Wednesdays are usually days when the readings are shorter.  Spend time reading and re-reading the psalms.  Review previous days’ readings, or catch up, if you want. 

Jews, Christians and Muslims all look to the psalms as part of their sacred scriptures. The psalms make up a braid of these three religions.  Pray that we be loving brothers and sisters to one another, all looking to one God and Father of us all. 

Psalm 27

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We read the Psalms in numerical order on Wednesdays

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