What Is God Throwing Your Way?

Parable: here is a word connected to Jesus, almost as much as the word Gospel.  Today begins “The Sermon of Parables,” the third of five major sermons in the Gospel of Matthew.  Presenting Jesus as the new Moses, Matthew makes a parallel to the first five books of the Bible, the Torah.

Parallel and parable: the words are related through the common Greek prefix para meaning “alongside.” Parallel lines are those that move alongside each other at the same distance.  The third syllable in the word “parable” means,” “to throw.” A parable is an image that is “thrown alongside” some aspect of the Good News, so that we can see how God’s grace is reflected in the image.

As though God is tossing a ball at you, what ideas and images are God offering you that are God’s ways of talking with you?

Matthew 13

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In Year A, we continue to read from the Gospel of St. Matthew.

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