What’s the Kingdom of Heaven Like?

Some things in life are just too hard to understand without making links to things we already know.  In today’s reading, when Jesus talks about the Kingdom of Heaven, he tells about five aspects of life that we already know so that we can get a feeling of this wonderful Kingdom.

The first two images are similar: something small becomes big over time.  The flowers that are delighting your summer were once seeds in the ground.  Each day they were stitched from within until their leaves and petals played in the sun.  The persistence of planted seeds has something to do with the Kingdom of Heaven: it grows inside of you.  

The time you spend with the Word each day is a seed, gradually giving you wonderful spiritual feelings of living your life in the Kingdom of Heaven right now. It’s about God being the sweet and loving King of your life!   

What other words and images can you discover to express what the Kingdom means to you?

Matt. 13:31-33; 44-52

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