Final Words at Death

Daughter holding her mother hand in hospital

If someone very close to you has passed away, surely you recall the final moments with them.  You’ll most likely remember the last words that you shared with each other.

So it is with the book of Deuteronomy.  These are the last words of Moses to God’s people before he goes up to the mountain and dies.  Because he had complained about God’s people, God told Moses that he would see the Promised Land, but would not enter it.  Wow!  Does that make us think that complaining and criticizing are just plain wrong! Moses wants to be sure that future generations are very careful about how they think and how they act.

Take to heart, therefore, these words of Moses; he does not speak lightly.    Some things can either lead us to God, or drag us away, by the connection they have either to God or what is opposed to God.  

Moses speaks his last words to you and me.  How do you know that these are not among the last words you shall ever hear?

Deuteronomy 7:129:3

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