The Faith of a Foreign Woman

That time alone that Jesus needed kept being interrupted by the needs of the crowds for healing.  He decides to go north, out of the Holy Lands, to find the restful time that he needs. He heads to the northern seacoast around Tyre and Sidon as a place of retreat by the sea. Even to this distant place, the reputation of Jesus is there already. A woman approaches Jesus, pleading that he heal her daughter.  

Jesus puts her to a test, saying that he is called first to the Hebrew people.  She refuses to take his remark personally, but keeps insisting on her need that Jesus heal her daughter.  She simply believes that Jesus will heal. Jesus’ response to her faith brings joy to his heart; the woman’s daughter is healed. What you really want in life is exactly what God wants for you too!  God’s love and grace will make your deepest dreams come true.

Matthew 15:21-28

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