Faith—Source of Joy

Jesus went with his disciples to the northern part of Galilee in the ancient city of Caesarea Philippi.  It lies spread out on a terrace 1,150 feet above sea level.  To the northeast, Mt. Hermon rises in splendor to 9,100 feet.  To the south, the fertile Jordan valley stretches.  The city was a center of ancient Greek and Roman culture.  It was also a place of all kinds of pagan gods. Sit in silence and let your imagination take you there. It’s the perfect place for Jesus to ask his disciples who they think Jesus is, as he stands there in a kind of crowd of ancient gods.  

As often happens, Peter answers right away, for he was often pushed to say and do things without thinking them through.  This time, however, it is the Holy Spirit that’s quicker than his impulses.  He is given the gift to know just who Jesus is. 

As you pray, you are open to the same Holy Spirit to give you a personal belief and inward feeling about Jesus.  Rest in the gift of faith—a source of joy! 

Matthew 16:13-20

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