Glory Be to God

This is the close of what many people celebrate as the greatest teaching about Christ in the New Testament.  Martin Luther and John Wesley were especially moved by this letter.

Most of the passage is expressing gratitude for those who were especially close to St. Paul. The woman’s name, Phoebe, in verse 1, means “The Radiant One.”By our own shining faces and living in joy, we make God’s face shine to others. Your radiance of God’s faithful love is what people need to see. Recall verse 5 from Psalm 34 of yesterday: “Look to God and be radiant; so your[ faces shall never be ashamed.”

Get in touch with Paul’s burst of joy in the final verse: “May the glory be to God, who alone is wise! May the glory be to him through Jesus Christ forever! Amen.”  

Romans 16

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