Rocking the Soul

When you were an infant, Mom and Dad helped you fall asleep by rocking you back and forth. Proverbs have this kind of gentle sway to them as each half of a proverb swings into the other half. Bible Breaths are ways to catch that rhythm. When we breathe in the first three syllables, the lungs fill and then relax as we exhale the other three and the final syllable for resting.

Here’s an idea. Take each of the four proverbs and repeat each one slowly until you not only understand them with your mind, but you feel them with your heart. Then breathe in and out each Bible Breath related to the four Proverbs. Little by little, their wisdom will sink deeper and deeper into your soul and you will be living the Word of God for you today.

Proverbs 15:4, 18, 21, 30 

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