When Friendships Heal

There is a very special kind of happiness in life when we have a friend. Talking and having fun together reminds us of how wonderful is the gift of life. Today Jesus talks about an even more special joy–when friends who have hurt each other, hug and make up. Feelings of hurt vanish and then comes a rush of love and joy that fills the friends with energy.

Friendship is not only happiness, but it’s part of God’s plan to have us stay connected with God. When two or more friends come together thinking of God, thanking God and praying to God, then the way is open for the Holy Spirit to rush in and not only make the friends more happy, but something even more wonderful. When we pray that hurts in others be healed, God takes our prayer and runs with it into the hearts of others hurting so that joy can return to them as well.

 Matthew 18:15-20

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