Which Will You Choose?

Don’t I have the right to do what I want with what belongs to me?
Or are you resentful because I’m generous? Matthew 20:16

What makes a joke funny is the final sentence called the “punchline.”  The parts of the joke all come together and there’s a burst of laughter.

In today’s reading Jesus isn’t telling a joke, but there is still a punchline.  It’s a great story about whether to feel angry or happy when someone receives a very generous gift—more than we receive. See if you can find where Jesus’ punchline is in the story.

You’ll probably feel pulled in two directions—either to be angry or happy at the end of the story.  This  will depend upon which way you choose to let your mind and heart go.  We get to feel by how we think. If you think only about yourself, you’ll tend to be angry; if you think, “How good it is,” when others receive blessings, you’ll be happy.  The choice is yours!

Matthew 20:1–16

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Grateful for others’ blessings v. 11
Joy in being generous v. 15
First is last and last is first. v. 16
Going inward; finding peace

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