From Sixty to Zero

Like birds flying aloft,
    so the Lord of heavenly forces will shield Jerusalem:
    shielding and saving, sparing and rescuing. Isaiah31:5

Some think that if they have a big car that goes “Froom, Froom,” they are more powerful than others.  Until the final years of the 19th century, people still used horses to get around.  In fact, the energy of a car is measured in how much “horsepower” it has.  Some cars have lots of “horses” inside!

    The people of ancient Egypt had powerful horses that pulled chariots.  God warns his people not to trust in that kind of power.  God is much stronger than all that.

Sometimes the power of a car is shown in how long it takes to go from zero to sixty miles an hour.  For some cars, it’s just a matter of about ten seconds. But the power of God is shown not when we move fast, but when we slow down.  So, how long will it take you to go from “sixty to zero”? When you stop, then God has a chance to show his power in you.

 Isaiah 31:1-5

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Trusting in You, Lord, alone v. 1
Faithful in Your promises v. 2
You protecting all the time v. 5
You, my God, are first of all. 

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