God Like a Rock

Like an eagle protecting its nest,
    hovering over its young,
God spread out his wings, took hold of Israel,
    carried him on his back.
Deuteronomy 32:11

At the end of Moses’ long speeches, we come to a song.  We don’t have the melody, so you might take a few verses that touch you, and make a tune out of them.  

Moses sings about God being like a rock. He recalls how unfaithful God’s people were in their desert wanderings.  They looked to foreign gods as phony rocks that they thought could save them. How wrong they were!

     To get a feel for this, imagine that you are sitting on a great rock that has not moved for hundreds of thousands of years.  God is like that—never changing…always there…a place to rest.  Make it a high rock so that no enemies can get to you.  Enjoy this time of rest.  You can always return to God as your rock.  It takes just a moment of time to sense how good this feels.

Deuteronomy 32:1-39

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Your teaching falling like rain.  v. 2
You are faithful and upright.  v. 4
You cover me with Your wings.  v. 11
You nourish us with honey.  v. 13

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