Leaping for Joy

 David replied to Michal, “I was celebrating before the Lord, who chose me over your father and his entire family, and who appointed me leader over the Lord’s people, over Israel—
and I will celebrate before the Lord again!”
2 Samuel 6:21

What do you do when you get super excited?  I’ll bet you jump around and maybe spin about in circles.  When we experience great joy and happiness our bodies want to express what we feel way inside.
That’s the way it was for David.  He was excited about the special chest that carried the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments.  It was called “The Ark of the Covenant.” It went with our Jewish ancestors who wandered for forty years in the desert. Now it was finally coming to rest. It gave the feeling that God too had come home.  It’s like what happens to us when we finally return after a long vacation.  Home is really where we want to be.

Michal was proud and stuck up.  She was the daughter of Saul, the first king of Israel.  She hated David for his jumping and dancing all around.  Sometimes others get jealous when we are so happy.  That’s OK.  Just love those people anyway, and don’t get caught in their nasty feelings.  What others think of us is really none of our business!

2 Samuel 6:12-21

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