The Best Bread in the World

So let’s celebrate the feast with the unleavened bread of honesty and truth, not with old yeast or with the yeast of evil and wickedness.
1 Corinthians 5:8

St. Paul continues to shake up the Corinthian Christian by telling them how very bad and sinful they are behaving.  They’ve been taking the sacred, precious ways of expressing love between husband and wife, and behaving that way with other men and women. They pretend to love, but they really don’t. 

Verse 8 is the heart of the reading. Rather than just criticizing them, St. Paul encourages the new Christians.  He says that behaving in old, pagan ways is like eating bread made with rotten yeast.  This kind of bread smells and tastes awful. Instead, St. Paul wants his readers to use the best kind of yeast that makes the best bread in the world.   He says that being honest and truthful is like bread baked with the best yeast. It smells and tastes just wonderful!  

So how about it…Wouldn’t you want your life to be just like a loaf of the best bread in the world?

1 Corinthians 5

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