My Stakes and Ropes Holding Firm

Gaze upon Zion, our festival town.
    Your eyes will see Jerusalem,
    a carefree dwelling,
    a tent that is not packed up,
    whose stakes are never pulled up,
    whose ropes won’t snap.
Isaiah 33:20

What happens to evil people and what happens to good people: these are put right next to each other in this chapter of Isaiah.   Because of these contrasts, I found myself happy with some verses. 

Verse 20 is one of them. “Gaze upon Zion, our festival town. Your eyes will see Jerusalem, a carefree dwelling,  a tent that is not packed up, whose stakes are never pulled up, whose ropes won’t snap.” Those who trust in God are like campers with the stakes and ropes of the tent holding firm.  When wind and rains come, the tent doesn’t budge. Inside, the family feels secure and has fun playing games until the wind and rain stops and the sun comes out again.   

At the end of your time of devotion, take the “Bible Breath” which happens to be today’s title.  In the blog you’ll learn about this special way of praying that flows with your breaths.  Breathing these prayers with your family will fill you with peace.

Isaiah 33

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Gracious Lord, we wait for you. v. 2
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My stakes and ropes holding firm v. 20

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