The House Always With Us

So now willingly bless your servant’s dynasty so that it might continue forever before you, because you, Lord God, have promised. Let your servant’s dynasty be blessed forever by your blessing. 2 Samuel 7:29

I’m blessed to serve two churches in the town where I grew up over fifty years ago.  Sometimes I’ll take a walk by the house where I lived.  I love the feeling of walking down the street where I rode my bike, played “Box Ball” and crunched leaves in autumn.  Each year I gather some acorns from the great oak trees that   make the street so beautiful. I can see the house where I live, but I won’t be living there ever again. It has to stay where it is; I’ve moved on.

     King David gets the idea of building a house for God.  But God turns the plan around.  God speaks to David through the prophet Nathan. Putting it simply, God says: “Hey!  Houses are too fixed and can’t be moved. I am with you wherever you go.  I want to make you a house instead of you making one for me!”  God isn’t talking about a building, but rather the feeling of a family for all the descendants of David. They will be part of David’s “house,” what is called a “dynasty.” Jesus is from the “House of David.”  We live in the risen body of King Jesus as a house that is with us wherever we go.

 2 Samuel 7:1-29

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