The Empty House

Consult the Lord’s scroll and read:
    Not one of these will be missing;
    none will lack its mate.
    God’s own mouth has commanded;
    God’s own spirit has gathered them.
Isaiah 34:16

Have you ever seen an old, old house that hasn’t been lived in for years?  It’s all run down—windows broken, wood rotting…and all kinds of animals have decided to move in! “Hey!  Here’s a home for us; the owners have left!”

As we saw yesterday, God wants to marry his people.  All through the Old Testament, there are so many stories of God’s people being just like a wife that leaves her husband and moves out of the house. 

The reading for today is about how nations in their selfishness and wars have decided not to be faithful to God. Instead of human beings living in the world as God’s home, it’s like it is an abandoned house: all kinds of wild animals have moved in.
  Once again, welcome God into your own heart as one of God’s favorite places to live.  As you gather with your family, send out prayers and love for the world that has forgotten God.  Pray that the Holy Spirit be welcomed back into every person’s heart and home.

Isaiah 34:9-17 

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Draw near, O nations, to hear. v. 1
All the world embraced by You
You ask all, but you give all.
Willing to will what You will

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