A Hug from God

Those who pay close attention to the poor are truly happy!
    The Lord rescues them during troubling times.
Psalm 41:1

I just love praying Bible Breaths!  When I glance at the one, whatever is happening at that moment suddenly brings in a word from God.  It’s like getting a hug from a dear friend when what is going on may be not so pleasant.

“Not so pleasant” does not describe the suffering of David in today’s Psalm.  He is being betrayed by a close friend.  I hope this isn’t happening to you, but however sad, afraid or angry you may be at someone being unfair to you, you can take this to God in prayer, as David does. Once David pours out all his pain, there are joyful expressions of how wonderful God is in the final verses of the psalm.  

For you too, sadness can turn to joy by this psalm and by breathing out the little prayers that come from it.  Often in your day, let God give you a hug as the Holy Spirit breathes God’s love into you.

Psalm 41

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Joy in kindness to the poor v. 1
You heal and forgive my sins. v. 4
Prayer for those who are betrayed v. 9
Your presence always with me v. 1

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