Smiling and Silence

But they kept quiet and didn’t answer him with a single word,
because King Hezekiah’s command was, “Don’t answer him!”
Isaiah 36:21

King Sennacherib of Assyria was one of the most powerful kings in the ancient world  No one could win any war waged against him.  So powerful was he, he even thought he was more powerful than God!  He figures that the God of the Hebrews is just another god of the nations that he has conquered.  He mocks God.  This is the most terrible thing that anyone can do; it comes down  to being a bully to God!

    At the end of the report from Sennacherib, King Hezekiah keeps silent and all those around him who were listening.  Not a bad idea!  This is something we can do when others are trying to push us around by their words.  An argument can’t go anywhere if only one side is doing the talking. 

Spend a few moments with your family in silence.  Then look into each others’ eyes and smile.  Smiles only happen when we are silent!

 Isaiah 36 

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Sitting humbly before You
Rev’rence before Your power
Trusting in Your faithful love
No one but You can save me.

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