The Knot in a Shoelace

Your servant thought, The word of my master the king will definitely comfort me, because my master the king is like one of God’s messengers, understanding good and evil. May the Lord your God be with you!”
2 Samuel 14:17

 When we hear the words, “Once upon a time,” we know a story is coming.   Whatever thoughts and feelings we were having before we began to listen, they change according to how the story moves along.

David listens to a woman tell a story that has something to do with how David is called to treat his son Absalom who murdered his half-brother Amnon.  This was done out of revenge because Amnon had wickedly abused their sister Tamar.  With the woman’s story fresh in David’s mind, he has a chance to reach out to Absalom in love by not continuing to act out of “get-backs” and revenge.

Each of us has a story to tell about ourselves   When someone listens with love, feelings have a chance to be expressed.  Sometimes feelings can get stuck like a knot in a shoelace.  It feels great when the knot is untied so we can take off our shoes and relax.   Telling our stories helps to loosen our feelings and let them go.

 2 Samuel 14

Vengeance belonging to You v. 11
Your word setting me at rest v. 17
You grant me inner wisdom. v. 20
Laying my heart before You v. 33

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