God Makes Happy Endings

Whom did you insult and ridicule?
    Against whom did you raise your voice
        and look on with disdain?
    It was against the holy one of Israel!
Isaiah 37:23

Most children’s stories are about the struggle between good and bad people.  They usually have a happy ending so that we can feel happy too. 

Many of the stories in the Bible actually happened; they are history.  In today’s reading, the wicked King Sennacherib winds up being killed by his two sons in a pagan temple.  It often happens that evil people turn on each other because each one wants to be more important than the other.  Jealousy can cause persons to be very wicked.  

History is like a story that hasn’t ended yet.  However, we can be sure that God will have this story turn out with a happy ending for those who seek to be fair, just, loving and kind. When mean things happen to you, know that God is right there with you to help you to stay loving, peaceful and happy—no matter what! God makes happy endings.

Isaiah 37:21–38

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