Happily Ever After

Prince William and Kate 2011

A marvelous word has stirred my heart
    as I mention my works to the king.
        My tongue is the pen of a skillful scribe.
Psalm 45:1

Everyone gets very excited when a marriage happens in the royal family of England.  It seems as though we are taken into a fairytale land where the royal couple will “live happily ever after.”  Since there aren’t too many kings and queens in the world today, the marriage and the party afterward have people around the world watching on television.

Today’s psalm is about a king of Israel, perhaps King Solomon.   The psalm describes the beauty of the king and queen.  Imagine the aroma of the spices and oils used.  Feel the joy.

King Jesus: that’s the King to think about when we read this psalm. He is the one that can have us live “happily ever after.”  What’s more: Jesus is a king that shares all the beauty and glory of being a king with us.     We are anointed with the oil that makes us kings—and not only that—priests and prophets as well!

Psalm 45

Heart overflowing with song v. 1
How majestic is Your name! v. 4
Your throne endures forever. v. 6
Anointed with oil of joy v. 7

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