God: the Ground Beneath Us

“Be still and know that I am God!
    I am exalted among all nations; I am exalted throughout the world!”

What do you think is the thing you need the most? Is it air?  Howevestillr important this is, we can hold our breath for a minute or so. The only thing we really need is the ground beneath our feet. Think of it.   TV commercials want us to think that we just can’t get along without what is being advertised.

However, today’s psalm goes even further.  “We will not fear even if earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea” (v. 2).  For the writer of today’s psalm, his only trust is in the Lord.  God is firmer than the ground on which you’re standing.

Sit in silence without moving as you pray the Bible Breath with verse ten. “Be still: know that I am God.”  When we stop doing, we have a chance to shift our thoughts to what God is doing.

Psalm 46

God is our mighty fortress. v. 1
Streams of joy flowing o’er me v. 4
God with us: we are not moved. v. 5
“Be still: know that I am God.” v. 10

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