God’s Scanner

“Then the king will reply to them, ‘I assure you that when you have done it for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you have done it for me.’
Matthew 25:40

Listen to the noises in a supermarket, and you’ll hear “Beep, beep beep.”  These are the sounds of the scanners as each item passes through the checkout counter. 

Imagine that there are two kinds of scanners; one belongs to the world, the other belongs to God. Depending upon which scanner is used, the value of either the world or of God will show up. The values are totally opposite each other.

Today’s Gospel is about what happens when those in great need are scanned.  The world’s scanner shows them as having no value at all.  God’s scanner, on the other hand, shows how very valuable they are. People whom the world ignores and holds of no value, God considers to be the greatest value—as much value as Jesus, the Son of God.  

Today and everyday, let’s use God’s scanner.

Matthew 25:31–46

Examples of Bible Breaths Learn More…

May I receive Your kingdom. v. 34 
Done for least is done for You. v. 40
Finding You in those in need 
Righteous to eternal life v. 46

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in Matthew Henry’s Commentary.‘s Commentary.

The Sunday Gospels follow the Revised Common Lectionary.
This is Year A, the Gospel of Matthew

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