The Gyroscope

When a ship is being tossed and turned in a storm, a gyroscope helps keep the floor of the ship balanced and even.  A gyroscope is a rapidly spinning wheel on an axis (like an axle of a car),  that tends to stay even, no matter how things are changing all around outside it.

After God’s people were settled in the Promised Land, they began to toss and turn like a ship in a rough sea.  They needed leaders who would be like gyroscopes for them. God gave them “Judges.”   Actually, they were more than that; they were also the ones who made laws and enforced them, as well as being warriors winning victories over God’s enemies. 

    The Holy Spirit within us is like a gyroscope.  When we feel as though situations are pushing and shoving us, the Holy Spirit gives order, balance and feelings of peace and joy.

Judges 2

Never breaking covenant v. 2
As for me, I serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15
Walking in the ways of God v. 22
Praising You all the day long

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