Love One Another

The youngest and dearest disciple of Jesus was St. John.  He was likely a teen-ager when he walked with Jesus and sat close to him at the Last Supper.  Years and years later when he was in his nineties, he was exiled to the island of Patmos off the coast of Greece.  There he prayed and continued to feel the close connection to Jesus in his risen life.

For the coming Thursdays we will read three of his letters to his churches.  Aware that these would be his last words before passing to heaven, his words have a very special feeling to them.  It was said that all through these years, he would cry out and write, “Little children, little children, love one another.” Sense his enthusiasm as he tells you in the first verses, about how lovely Jesus was in his earthly flesh. Now in his Spirit, turn to Jesus inside you.  Love him and give him thanks.

  1 John 1 

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Fellowship: Father and Son v. 3
Writing, so joy is complete v. 4
In You there is only light. v. 6
Blood of Jesus cleansing sin v. 7

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