Naming Moments in Life

Persons in the Bible often create names linking events with the locations where they took place. Today’s reading is a good example. So grateful is Jacob for God’s protection on his journey to Canaan, that Jacob builds an altar and names it “El Bethel,” meaning “The God of Bethel.” Jacob buries his wife’s, Rachel’s dear nurse Deborah, under an oak tree, naming the place, “Allon-bacuth,” meaning “The Oak of Weeping.”

Keeping a diary is a great way to name events to recall what happened. For example, “Summer Sunset with My Family” might be the title for a moment, say, at the end of vacation in that special place where you and your family were lost in silence as you looked at a magnificent sunset. Like Jacob, the name you give brings back the whole experience. Like watching a video, look back over the past few hours. What feelings come up? What name will you give to this last little period in your beautiful life?

Genesis 35:1-15

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Jacob: “Holder of the Heel” v. 9
Israel: “Struggled with God”
El Shaddai: “God Almighty” v. 11
At Bethel: “The House of God” v. 15

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