String Lights

 The love of God is truly perfected in whoever keeps his word.
This is how we know we are in him. 6
 The one who claims to remain in him ought to live in the same way as he lived.
1 John 2:5-6

All kind of lights fill the night: string lights, net lights, icicle lights, colored lights. Each one pierces the
night as though they are on of thousands of needles making holes in the surrounding darkness—like the
plucking of a harp in the silence.

Expressing feelings in the right way are like lights breaking through darkness. Sometimes we can be
afraid to express them. Begin by first knowing what you’re feeling. There are only five: fear, anger, sadness,
joy and love. Connect with them, accept them, and you’ll find a flow of expression of your feelings that is
like throwing a switch on a string of lights. Suppressing feelings pulls the brightness of who you are back
into darkness.

Verse after verse of St John’s letter will be like surrounding your heart with strings of light. Enjoy the

1 John 2:1-11

Examples of Bible Breaths Learn More…

Jesus atoning for sin v. 2
Walking just as Jesus walked v. 6
True light already shining v. 8
Loving is living in light v. 10

Check out Study Tools in BibleGateway.
I especially recommend the free resource
in Matthew Henry’s Commentary.

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the Book of Acts, and the Book of Revelation.

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