When Fears Vanish Away

What a terrible thing happened to Joseph: his brothers selling him into slavery out of jealousy! Today’s episode looks like Joseph is getting into more trouble.  However, you’ll be happy to learn how Joseph advances in his life in Egypt.  He has a special gift of telling what dreams mean.  That makes him very valuable to Joseph’s master.

What prevents Joseph from being totally frightened about being in prison is his trust in God to protect him.  By not being afraid, Joseph is open to receive inspiration to tell what his master’s dreams mean.   

Fears are like a pond all stirred up.  Fears vanishing away are like the mud in the pond settling to the bottom, leaving clear, still water.  Then we can see the reflection of all the wonderful things in God’s creation.

We receive understanding about many things when we are not afraid, even a sense of what our dreams mean. 

Genesis 39—40

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The Lord with Joseph and me 39:3
The Lord with those in prison 39:20
With You, all is successful. 39:23
Quietly welcoming dreams 40:8 ff

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“The Torah,” the first five books of the Bible from Genesis to Deuteronomy
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