Carried By Jesus

Karl Walenda, father of the famous family of tightrope walkers, once crossed over Niagara Falls.  (His son Nik wants to get permission to do it himself.)  As Karl was about to step out onto the wire, he turned to a person standing next to him and asked: “Do you think that I can do it?”  “Of course you can,” came the reply.  “You’re Karl Walenda!”  Karl responded, “Then if you really believe me, jump on my shoulders and go with me!”  Wow!

Verse 12 is very important with two words “welcome” and “believe.” Belief means much more than simply agreeing in our minds that Jesus is the Son of God.  It’s an active word, like jumping onto Karl Walenda’s back.  To believe in Jesus is to open our arms to his arms, to welcome him, and then to allow Jesus to carry us through life to the other side of our earthly life that then becomes life in heaven.   

What can you do today that shows how you really believe in Jesus?

John 1:6-8,12-28

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Testifying to the light v. 8
Voice crying in the dessert v. 23
Making the Lord’s path straight v. 23
You, Lord, standing here with me

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How does the Word touch you?

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