Karate Verses

“Whack!” With the sharp crack of the side of the hand, a karate expert breaks through wood. Some verses in the Bible are just like karate chops.  Verses 16 and 17 in today’s reading do that to the soul, breaking through the bonds to worldliness and being selfish, to a loosened, free feeling of being alive in God.  They are karate verses.

I wonder how many toys under last year’s Christmas tress are now in the dump!  Physical gifts pass away; the gift of love to each other lasts forever.  So does God’s Word; so does God’s love.  

Think about what’s really important to you and what is not so important.  Make a list.  As you write, your heart may add more things about what is passing away and what is lasting forever. 

 1 John 2: 12-17 

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Sins forgiven by Your name v. 12
Knowing who is my Father v. 14
The world is passing away. v. 17
Abiding—doing Your will v. 17

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