Breath and Water Poured Out

Like gushes of water poured out, blessings flow upon God’s people. Look at all that God does to have us feel safe and to blend God’s life with our own!

Two of the Bible Breaths suggested for today have the idea of “pouring.”  Water poured on thirsty land v. 3 and Spirit poured on my offspring v. 3.  Spend a few moments breathing these prayers till they soak your soul as water poured upon thirsty ground.

Jesus, you and I have something in common. At the moment of our births, we breathed in and breathed out for the first time….probably with a cry!   The breath and Spirit of God came into Jesus, and comes into you and me as well. Every breath in our lives comes from the Spirit of God who faithfully pours the breath of life into us through all the years of our lives, preparing us to breathe life and love to our children and all those who come after us.

Isaiah 44:1-8; 21-28

Water poured on thirsty land v. 3
Spirit poured on my offspring v. 3
I belong to the Lord God v. 5
“I am the first and the last.” v. 6

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